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So many years of flash feels like the end of the world...

The animation is fantastic. I love the color choices too. Once you get audio handled you will have it made. I don't take into account audio a lot of times outside the audio portal because I know the struggle to get clean recordings lol.

Smokymoka responds:

Thank you, yea we actually struggled to find a quiet place too so the mic quality ended up as an after thought :'( I'll take that in consideration next time!

That was highly entertaining.

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Pretty damn solid really. Combat is pretty great. Would be nice to be able to toggle abilities on and off as some get in the way from time to time. The up+d for the aerial spin move was a constant problem once I had it because I had a habit of holding the up key and attacking after a jump so I almost always did a spin attack. Just a thought but not a real issue anyhow.

Sure some minor things could use polish but making everything perfect takes all the time and getting a game done and playable to this degree is a pretty big task on it's own. This is pretty amazing. You can always go back over it and polish details all you want at this point I say.

Another suggestion I thought would be great is being able to change equips faster using the area where it displays currently equipped items. If you could click those items where they are displayed to take you directly to the equip menu for which ever slot the item you clicked was in it would make changing gear very fast and easy.

Another big thing I would suggest is being able to assign items to a key or something so you don't have to open the menu and use things directly in the inventory. It can be hard to remember to open the inventory to heal in combat especially that elevator fight (pure madness) so being able to assign a heal item on a key would be a huge improvement.

Aside from the 3 suggestions mentioned there is little I could add that wouldn't already be obvious. Added levels or optional stuff to do maybe a new game+ with harder enemies the basic filler content that adds play time. You could also expand the keys some I guess maybe make the moves that use combinations a single key since you only need 3 keys at the moment not exactly necessary but could be nice.

All in all really solid game. Pretty good control and I had no game breaking issues during my play through.

To much right click to continue...

You need to actually explain how to use something to call it a tutorial dumbass...

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Few rpgs can hold their own against chrono trigger. I played so many and that one is easily in the top 3 among them without a doubt.

BERSERKYD responds:

Wooww ! Thanks man ! That made my day :D

That's got some really good production quality on it man.

ChronoNomad responds:

Thanks, man. Really glad you dig it.

I'm loving the way the lead guitar hands off around mid track and you get a chill melody then that hands back off to the guitar again. You should try building on that concept some more in the future I think it works pretty well. Loving that end section as well starting around 04:24. Overall this is a pretty good jam dude.

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I remember these guys before the entire crew got canceled.

I think you did a great job capturing the idea here.

Welcome to the old man club LOL bout to finish my last projects of my 30s though... I always liked the part where a gate opens in the cupboard and they get the giant excited eyes look.

SuperPhil64 responds:

Early happy 40th! That part always gets me. A lot of games back then had human vs monster storylines but very few ever really let you explore where they live/what they do when you're not at war with them. Especially liked how as you change things in the past it changes how the monsters view you.

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