Favorite Audio

Night Ballad General Rock Song
Grunge Funksta General Rock Song
Near Home Heavy Metal Song
Astro Soda House Song
Dismal Light Heavy Metal Song
Flow Synthwave Loop
Night of the Hunter Heavy Metal Loop
Bossfight - Glitch Gremlin Chipstep Song
Bossfight - Okiba Crackdown Chipstep Song
Milky Ways Redux Chipstep Song
Bossfight - Sonder Chipstep Song
Bossfight - Elevatia Chipstep Song
Night Terrors (Blakh) Synthwave Song
Chrono Trigger - Schala's Theme Video Game Song
Level One (Save The Princess) Video Game Song
The King of the Iron Fist Tournament Heavy Metal Song
TheFatRat - Unity Chipstep Song
TheFatRat - Infinite Power Chipstep Song
Skirmish [Instrumental] Heavy Metal Song
Daybreak Dubstep Song
Lucent Dubstep Song
Volt House Song
Vapor Dubstep Song
Challenge Heavy Metal Song
System Overload Synthwave Song
Safety Chip Dance Song
Corridors of Time Video Game Loop
Daft Punk Get Lucky 8 Bit Video Game Song
Like a Hurricane 8bit Video Game Song
story strings Hip Hop - Olskool Song
Über Heavy Metal Song
House of Wolves Heavy Metal Song
Prism Heavy Metal Song
Dark Matter Drive Heavy Metal Song
Coming Up From Below Video Game Loop
Bluemoon Chipstep Song
2k9 battle jam Chipstep Song
UNHOLY CACE Chipstep Song
Refractor Heavy Metal Song
Frog - Chrono Trigger - Robsoundtrack 2016 Heavy Metal Song
A Good Man Gone Chipstep Song
unshatter Chipstep Song
duality Chipstep Loop
Zen Heavy Metal Song
On The Glass Edge Heavy Metal Song
Hole of the Devil Heavy Metal Song
Player 02 Chipstep Song
Bossfight - Milky Ways Video Game Song
Fleetwood Mac- Rhiannon 8bit Chipstep Loop
Time Slows Down Chipstep Song
Bramble Blast [Acoustic] Video Game Song
SF2 - Guile's Theme Heavy Metal Song
Moonlight Knight (8bit) Miscellaneous Song
Holy Diver Heavy Metal Song
Orion Heavy Metal Song
Stricken Heavy Metal Song
My December - S6N9 Classical Song
Walk Through Glass Heavy Metal Song
EndGame Heavy Metal Song
groovin while breaking laws Chipstep Loop
stage clear Chipstep Loop
Light Up Chipstep Song
Up In Flames Chipstep Song
Your Passage - S6N9 Classical Song
Belmont's Pride Heavy Metal Song
Cendrillon Heavy Metal Song
Castle Echostar Heavy Metal Song
H Plus Heavy Metal Song
The Moon (DuckTales) Video Game Loop
Pendragon Legacy Cinematic Song
For Those Who Remain True Classical Song
Super Mario World Castle Theme Heavy Metal Song
The Dankness General Rock Song
Little Girls, Big Raptors General Rock Song
Hyrule Castle Metal Cover General Rock Song
Flash Man Metal Remix General Rock Song
Metal Man Theme Cover Heavy Metal Song
Crash Man Theme Heavy Metal Song
Tyrano Lair Video Game Song
Boss of Nova Video Game Song
Vapor Lock Heavy Metal Song
dash Chipstep Song
Beat Miscellaneous Loop
Reload Press Play Video Game Song
Edge of Faith Video Game Song
Nobody's Secret Classical Song
timid girl Classical Song
-Glorious morning- Video Game Song
- Sorrow - Miscellaneous Loop
Tale of the Heroic Frog Video Game Loop
Still Blastin' Video Game Song
Forever Gamer Dance Song
Ganon's Darkworld (Rock/Metal) Video Game Song
Bushkiller Heavy Metal Song
Stones II (Ultima Online) Video Game Song
Hellmouth Funk Heavy Metal Song
LoZ: Dark World Dubstep Dubstep Song
LoZ: Tal Tal Heights Dubstep Dubstep Song
zelda trap remix Video Game Loop
Zelda: Lttp Credits Orche Video Game Song